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For more than 3 decades, I have been a photographer with a passion for capturing special moments and freezing them in time as a special memory that can last forever.   I am currently a Local Store Marketing Manager for Georgia restaurants and consistently document all my marketing effort or events to tell the complete story in pictures.   This website is a result of many of my customers requesting my photographic services.  Over the past few years, I have documented over 1500 events and posted over 200,000 images online.  I take great pride in this collection of images which have received over 15.5 million individual views… and counting!!   Please click here for a little more history on me and find out why I am so " GLAD To Be ALIVE " as documented by Zig Ziglar.

My Story

Photographing Your World

My photography journey began in high school with a 35 mm film camera and a messy darkroom in my parent’s basement.  Through the years, I have integrated digital photography into recording and documenting my daily business and marketing efforts at every level.  I have all quality photography equipment and lighting necessary to capture and tell the story of any type of event with images.  I also have access to the digital tools necessary to professionally edit and finish your images for any display, print format or digital online imaging.  Video of your event also available on request.

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Location:  Cumming GA