​Billy Wright Photography                                           ​​             Georgia Event Photography

Reviews and Comments:
From: dthrash860
To: Billy Wright
The photographs that Billy has taken are not just point and click, but are thought out. He has laid down on the pavement to get the best shot available. His shots are never posed. I've been going to his events for years and he has ALWAYS exceeded my expectations!

From: David Hochsprung  
To: billywrightphotography@gmail.com
Great pictures you capture the people the places and the events in different angles different aspects of the event superb job.

From: Joe Taylor
Subject: Picture Galleries
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
Billy, I'm new to Bike Nights at Sonic Drive In and really impressed by the amount of motorcyclist that show up, even during favorable weather.  The photos are beyond excellent.  The quality of your skills behind the camera are very noteworthy, it all speaks for itself. Thank You for all your hard work in making Bike Night in Winder a great event. Looking for to seeing you again. 

From: Michael Hudson
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
Billy, thank you for taking the time to show the world our bikes, our clubs, and the fun we have as motorcyclists. I love looking at your photos, especially when I can't attend the event. Your photos showcase all the different biker types out there, and the quality is exceptional.
Thanks for show us bikers in a good light!
God Bless, Highly Favored Riders, Loganville, Christian Motorcyclists Association

From: Danny White
To: BillyWrightPhotography@gmail.com
Great Pictures

From: Michael Louviere
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
Billy:   Thank you for capturing Bike Night Events.  Your photography is amazing.  You have that unique ability to capture each moment and object in the finest way.  I enjoy your galleries and web site.  I would highly recommend you as the primary photographer for any event.  Keep up the good work.

From: Debbie Gori
To: Billy Wright <billywrightmarketing@gmail.com>
Hi Billy!  just in case you didn’t know I LOVE THE pictures!  They make me smile! You are a FANTASTIC photographer! NO poses needed –you catch the personalities with a click!   
Kindest regards,

From: Rick Baugh
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
I have enjoyed looking at all of pics you have posted from bike night at Sonic, Thanks 

From: Dana Snyder
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
I have been to several Sonic Bike Nights and I have to say the pictures that I have received are some of the best that I have of me and my rides. Thank you for all that you do for the community of riders and for the community of Winder.

From: Susan Castle
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
Billy, my husband and I have attend several Sonic Bike Night events, and we have always looked forward to your posting the pictures of our friends and other bikers.  The photos are always high quality and composed well.  Thanks for all you do to make the Sonic Bike Nights memorable with your photos.

From: Jimmie McCoy
To: Billy Wright <billywrightphotography@gmail.com>
Billy I really appreciate all you do for the bike night events. Everyone has a great time and you get a chance to meet new people that share the same interest as you. The food is great at Sonic and I will continue to join you on bike nite as long as I can.

From: sangran39191
To: Billy Wright
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars Billy for the fine work you do. 

From: Mike Hinton
To: Billy Wright
Billy Wright does a great job of capturing the mood and fun of motorcycle events in his posed, candid and action shots. This includes Bike Nights at Sonics as well as other motorcycle events such as Cycle World of Athens' Open House."

From: JoPat Becca
To: Billy Wright
Really awesome pictures, Billy these are wonderful. Thank you for Sonic Bike Nights in Winder,  I need to check out other Sonic Bike Nights in the area.... Your photography is just fabulous
Thanks for all you do! 

From: Chris McMichael, Ed.D.
 To: Billy Wright
These are AWESOME!!  Thank you so much !!!